Oakland Place, Inc.


Living with Alzheimer’s disease is a frightening experience. Day-to-day tasks become confusing and challenging. Once-familiar surroundings seem foreign, and faces of loved ones become unfamiliar. Routines and living arrangements that promote one’s sense of security, self-worth, and dignity restore the individual’s ability to participate in meaningful activity.

Oakland Place, Inc. is a residence, built on the premise that individuals with memory impairment reach a point when they require around-the-clock attention and assistance beyond what a single caregiver is able to provide in the home.

Caring for a memory-impaired loved one at home is, at best, frightening, painful and exhausting. The overwhelming stress on the caregiver is so often reflected in the behaviors of the memory-impaired individual. Our life’s work is to alleviate both.

Why choose Oakland Place, Inc. for the care of your loved one?

• Personalized, gentle assistance with bathing, dressing and grooming
• Assistance with personal hygiene
• Stimulating aromas provided by Southern Home Made Cooking (helps enhance appetite) in our on-site kitchen
• 16 private rooms and semi-private rooms
• 24-hour staffing, trained to care for the residents
• Daily medication supervision
• 1 RN on staff and 1 LPN on staff at all times
• Dr. Randall Hall – Doctor on-call and Board of Directors
• Additional security
• Licensed and bonded

Transitioning from home to an assisted living facility can exacerbate anxiety and agitation in the individual with dementia. When the resident is placed in the correct level of care, they require less medication and have fewer safety concerns, while family members are more confident and pleased with a very difficult situation. Our physician-supported, professionally designed programs are tailored to support the impairment level of each individual resident, ensuring dignity and promoting a higher quality of life for residents and their families.

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